Renyta Moses

Hi! I’m Renyta and I’m a first-year graduate student in the Cancer Biology Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania. I secured a B.S in Biological Sciences at North Carolina State University. My scientific interests span Genetics and Immunology; I hope to use these fields to study breast cancer and gynecologic cancers. Although born in Atlanta, Georgia, I spent a lot of my life in the bustling streets of Chennai, India, and now reside in Philadelphia. I enjoy spending time outdoors and I love animals of all shapes and sizes. My favorite pastimes include indulging in the occasional crime novel, singing tunes with the piano, and writing.

Shreena Patel

Hello! I’m Shreena Patel, a senior at North Carolina State University majoring in Human Biology with Microbiology and Forensic science minors. I was born and brought up in India but my passion for science brought me to the States to pursue my dreams in medicine. I love it here at NC State and I spend most of my time studying, working at the university bookstore, and enjoying with friends. Dance and music help me release all the preoccupations and worries from day to day life.

We met during the first month of our freshman year in college. Our shared passion for science and similar interests allowed us to grow through college experiences together. We are proud to launch this website to boost interest and excitement about science.